Children & Youth

Homework Club

Our Homework club takes place every Tuesday 4: 30 - 6:30 (term time only).It is a fun and friendly group where children can receive support with their homework. All children aged aged 5-12 are welcome.

We request each child has their school teacher fill out a referral form (which can be collected from the centre or Click here to download the form) so our tutors know which areas the child requires the most assistance.




Youth GCSE Revision

Every Saturday from 10am-12pm we provide tutors to assist young people with GCSE revision.

We encourage youth to simply show up with their books and we can assist them in preparing for their GCSEs.

We desire to see the young people in our community thrive in their education and social settings.

We want to support children and youth to build their skills and confidence to tackle their homework, educational and career aspirations.