What we do

LRF provides training and resources to help refugees develop new skills and integrate into the local community and potentially find employment. LRF runs One Community Centre, a valuable resource to the Lincoln Green community. Essentially, we provide support to existing and newly emerging refugee community organisations in Leeds. We provide a meeting place for people to come together, learn from each other and work together to address common concerns and issues. 

LRF supports the integration of refugees in to the wider community.  This includes the provision and facilitation of English classes, job skills training, IT training and other courses.

Many of the courses LRF hosted, particularly those with Neighbourhood Learning were attended by British born people and refugees, enabling people from different backgrounds to meet each other and develop a better understanding of different cultures.

LRF provides volunteering opportunities for refugees enabling them to learn new skills or use existing skills and experience for the benefit of themselves, LRF and the wider community.

LRF also involve and engage local professional people e.g., the retired teachers who volunteer to run weekly English Conversation Classes for the refugees.