Youth Group


Main Aim  to help young people's emotional and social development in an informal setting but through educational processes. 

That is 'to equip young people to understand and work with their internal emotions, behaviour and
understanding of the emotions of others'. 

if youth knew ...... if age could


DRAMA & MUSIC learning music skills for example playing the guitar, keyboard, African drums and produce an instrumental CD. DJ skills for boys. (Find someone locally who has experience in playing musical instruments to spend time with the group in one of the sessions to inspire and teach). This promotes confidence in young people and a sense of achievement. Possibly plan a trip to watch live music around Leeds? This can be done over a period of 5 months at one session per week. If music group is successful, I can arrange for group to play in a local residential home for the elderly or in a community Centre.

TRIPS day trips to watch plays, fun fairs, museums, carnivals any other events happening locally. Learning outside the classroom contributes significantly to improving young people’s personal, social and emotional development. It improves their environmental awareness as well as health and fitness. Improved social well-being. Young people make friendships during the trip and get to know each other.

SPORTS Football (indoor and outdoor), netball for girls, table tennis in the community center. Activity can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and their well-being. Basketball for both boys and girls. Swimming for both boys and girls.

ARTS & CRAFTS indoor activity where young people can spend time painting, designing Christmas/Easter cards of their own choice and selling to Volunteers and Staff.

CULTURE AND HERITAGE knitting and designing African costumes, re-discovering young people’s roots and designing beads to sell to staff and volunteers and the Lincoln Green Community. Photograph the designs. Research how traditions are linked to costumes.(use computers in the computer room)

COOKERY a space to enjoy and learn new recipes and experience different foods from other cultures. This is an activity for both boys and girls. Cooking lessons offer health, social and educational benefits. They can help young people be creative; they can help with reading and math skills through following a recipe and reading measurements from the scale. Also helps with planning and concentration. It can also reduce fussy eating habits and encourage healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

Advice on relationships and abuse

what do I think is unacceptable in a relationship? Signs of abuse. Different types of abuse. Watch YouTube clips of abuse. What is available in and around Leeds for victims? Where do I get support? Questionnaire of YES/NO abuse questions for young people to fill in and discuss during session.


get young people to work in pairs and write down different types of bullying and what bullying is. Ask young to feedback to the group. Watch YouTube clips on bullying. Discuss what help can be given to young people who are victims of bullying. Services available to young people who are victims. Do we know where to go?

Health issues

am I safe? Pregnancy? STIs and how to stay protected. Sexual health.

Money issues and Budgeting

how can I save money? Am I buying unnecessary things? Am I overspending? What do I want to buy in a year’s time? Saving tips. How to account for my daily/weekly/monthly expenditures.