List of Leeds Refugee Forum member organisations

1 Afghan Community Alfalah Education Centre
2 African Great Lakes Family
3 Women Arise in Leeds
4 Ayanda Sazan Community (Afghan)
5 Azar Turk Association
6 Black Integration Group
7 Leeds Ethiopian Community in Leeds
8 AMAL Eritrean Community
9 Independent Somali Women and Children (ISWAC)
10 Leeds African Community
11 Leeds Great Lake Community
12 Leeds Somali Community
13 Oromo Unity Association
14 Persian Association in Leeds
15 Somali Women in Leeds
16 The Association of Liberians in Leeds
17 Yorkshire African Cameroonian Community
18 Yorkshire Burundian Community Association
19 Yorkshire Fullah Community
20 Yorkshire Rwandese Community
21 Zimbabwe Refugee Community in Leeds
22 Somalian Women in Solidarity
23 Horseed Somali Women Community
24 Eritrean Women Hadnet
25 Syrian Community in West Yorkshire
26 Yorkshire NAUT NKAM
27 The Gambia Welfare Society
28 Ghanaian Community Association in Leeds
29 Congo Brazzaville Community in Leeds
30 Ogaden Community of West Yorkshire
31 Association of Angolans in Leeds
32 Yorkshire Guineans Association
33 Mahber Salam Eritrean Community
34 UK Congolese Diaspora Solidary Foundation
35 Eritrean Community in Leeds
36 Kurdish House in Leeds
37 Common Cause
38 Leeds Sudanese Community Association
39 Nuba Mountains Welfare Association
40 Yorkshire Association of Kurds
41 Eritrean Community in West Yorkshire
42 Ana Sudaniya Women in Leeds
43 Somali Youth in Leeds
44 POALA’A Project (African drummers)
45 Swahili Women Group in Leeds
46 Dar Alsalam Community in Leeds
47 Association Independent Women in Action (AIWA)

48 Forum for Democratic Dialogue in Leeds

49 Senegal Community in Leeds

50 Sudanese Community Association in Leeds

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