Our Mission

LRF: Helping refugees and their communities build better lives since 2003.

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Our first mission at LRF is to provide a voice for refugees and their communities.

This is achieved through:
  •  Communicating the needs of refugees: communicating the needs of refugees with the local council, the government, and respective charities provides leaders with clear aims and objectives to ensure better integration for refugees.
  • Raising awareness of refugees: raising awareness of refugees provides an in-depth understanding of the hardships experienced by refugees which encourages empathy and better integration.
  • Providing a link to community leaders: links and partnerships with the local community ensures quick access to spokespersons of community group leaders and facilitates better dissemination of information to and from the communities.
  • Providing information about refugees: creating information about refugees ensures that the UK has a clearer understanding of cultural differences of refugees.

Our second mission at LRF is to provide resources for refugees and their communities.

This is achieved through:
  • Helping refugees access services: LRF acts as a conduit to services provided in Leeds which ensures that appropriate support is provided to all refugees


  • Equipping refugees and their communities with appropriate facilities and skills: providing facilities and improving the skills of refugees facilitates better integration and improves future employment prospects.

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